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Analytic – the key to a perfect flotation, new products and a constant quality:            

No Coal, no ore and no waste or cooling water, are identical in their chemical constitution and their physical behavior in a flotation or water treatment. Therefore, every product leaving our factory, is optimized for the customer and its usage in points like capacity, selectivity and application field.

This optimization is only possible by an in-firm close collaboration of the departments of analytic, R&B and production.

Only the usage of modern analytical methods, allows the characterization of the different products and educts by their physical and chemical properties. This allows the EKOF Mining & Water Solution GmbH a continuous development of new products, which fulfill adequate the requests of our customers and show a consistent high level quality standard.

In terms of a good quality management, we set high standards on all our suppliers and ourselves.

Consequently, based on analytical facts we can guarantee our customers a constant, good quality and high efficiency of all our products.

The EKOF company fulfills all requirements on quality management of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.


Our Services:

Parallel to the usage of EKOF products we offer to all our customers a continuous sample analysis, what allows us to introduce a direct reaction on changes in the customer´s production. If necessary, we can advice the customer to a modification in the dosage of the used Ekof product or modificate the product itself.

Profit by our expert knowledge and experience! We offer our analytical know-how, also as a service for everyone. You want to make use of this service and getting your samples analysed by a professional Lab-team? The following analysis are offered permanently by our Lab-Crew.

  • Classical combustion analysis (C- and S-Level in Coal and Ores)
  • Measurement of physical properties: Flash point, viscosity, density, electric conductivity, refractivity
  • Anorganic: aside to classical wet-chemical analysis, we offer AAS for more than 40 elements and photometry
  • Organic: gas chromatography (GC)
  • Water chemistry: Titration analysis, pH-Measurement, cycl. voltammetry, AAS, also the appointment of: electric conductivity, water hardness, carbon hardness, acid capacity, CSB, AOX and the bioburden etc.


The exact chem. elements, minerals, organics and salts, we can analyse in our lab can be find in the table on the service page. If you have specific questions or just want to know if we can analyse a substance in the way you want, don´t be shy to call the lab contact persons.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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