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Water is one of the most precious goods in our biological hemisphere. Methods that make it more effectively to use the raw material water and to protect the natural water resources belong to the most pressing challenges of our time.


Since 1991 the EKOF Company focusses a high level of their R &D and offers its customers a complex know-how and different techniques to reach their environmental and economical tasks.


Our products do not only protect directly your cooling and boiler systems against corrosion and deposits, but also help to keep your costs on a very economical level by preventing the usage of fresh water and energy and minimizes the incurred waste water.


Our products are high efficient and high concentrated to minimize the usage of water treatment products.
Especially, our EKOFACT P-series belongs to a new generation of cooling water treatment products. These products own a good biodegradability (OECD) and are reduced or even completely free of phosphate.
The products of our house are custom-tailored, and fit with your used cooling and boiling systems.
To prevent your system against any biological pollution, the Ekof Company can offer its customers a wide range of different biocides.
Our products for the heating and boiling systems, conform to actual technical standards and developments. Therefore we can offer our customers also products free of phosphates and hydrazine.
For every case, we can offer the matching scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitor (oxygen binder), alkaline products.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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