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Due to excellent thermodynamic properties (high heat capacity and high heat of evaporation) water is indispensable heat transfer medium for many industrial processes.


Water is an universal solvent, dissolving a large number of substances. That’s why pure water does not exist in nature, there are always impurities like dissolved gases salts are solids which cause the following technical problems in industrial processes:

  • Corrosive effects on materials like iron or copper
  • Inorganic deposits, such as lime and salts
  • Buildup of coating and corrosion due to microbe growth


Natural water, due to its high oxygen content, is fundamentally corrosive. It contains dissolved lime, which precipitates under operating conditions and reduces pipe cross sections. Due to favourable grow conditions in open cooling systems, algae and bacteria reproduce rapidly. Cooling system downtime generally leads to significant downtime costs in production and to expensive repairs. Special water treatment is therefore indispensable.


With its broad range of products, EKOF provides targeted treatment of the water to prevent corrosion, lime and microbes, and provides you with maximum operational security for your systems.


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