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Flocculation defines a process, where dispersed and non-failable contaminations are convergent in form that can be filtrated and separated of the water.

As additives for this process different flocking agents can be used. When the process of flocculation starts, a first coagulation (micro flocculation) takes place and then the ultimate flocculation (formation of visual flocks) begins.

All substances, that can form such a flock are called flocculants while substances that can support this process are called flocculation aids.
Normally, trivalent metal ions, such as Iron(III)- or Aluminiumsalts combined with different polymers are used as flocculant systems. Addicted to the natural or prepared alkalinity of the water, these systems form polymerized hydroxides and absorb the colloids on their surface.

After this process took place, the flocks are removed of the water by the following water treatment:

  • Deposition process
  • Filtration
  • Flotation


The Flocculation as a process itself, depends on the following factors:

  • Anionic/ cationic charge of the colloids
  • Salinity level
  • pH-Value
  • Size, form and mass of the colloid particles
  • Hydration grade
  • Type and concentration of the Flocculant


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