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Coal Preparation

EKOF provides reagent systems for flotation of coal since 90 years. EKOF is the market leader in Germany, international active in many countries and known worldwide. A lot of different reagents for many coals and ores are in the present program. Furthermore, EKOF has an own development department, where steadily new products were tested or adapted to the clients demands. In own laboratories investigations were carried were out to determine optimal compositions, or consumptions. For the specific requirements for single coals EKOF provides EKOFOL reagents since decades.


EKOFOLE Reagents

The EKOFOL reagents are combination collector-frothing reagents which have proven their value particularly in the flotation of coal by adjusting the compounds and adding supplements we have developed many products for various types of coal. The nature and quantity of the reagents used in modern operations will highly depend on local conditions. We recommend determining in laboratory tests which quantity of which EKOFOL compound must be used in order to achieve optimal results. Our laboratory is also available to our customers for these examinations. Our experience has shown that quantities ranging from 200 to 500 grams per ton of solid substance are normally required. The use of EKOFOL reagents can have a positive influence on the dewatering of the concentrates.



Basic combination of aliphatic alcohols in the C6 to C10 range. Free of phenoles and phenole derivatives.


External appearance:

Homogenous fluid, transparent, light to dark brown in color.

Density (20°C):

0,9 to 1,0 g/cm3

Boiling range:

160 to 350° C

Flash point:

above 61°C


unlimited shelf life


fully miscible with alcohols, glycols, pine oils, hydrocarbons (gas oil), phenol and derivatives as well as with fatty acids; immiscible with water and substances with a high water content.


Dissolves waxes, resins, tar-based products, enamel paints; causes swelling in various rubber and plastic compounds; non corrosive to metals.

Toxicity: The safety Certificate of the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr Region has been awarded. Irritation symptoms: Skin flushes with extended contact. Inhaling concentrated vapors can cause irritation of the respiratory tract.

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