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Preparation of Ores and Industrial Minerals

EKOF develops and provides for nearly all floatable industrial minerals reagent systems, which are composed exactly for their specific application. EKOF is specialist even for preparation of difficult minerals, has decades of experience in this area and carries out floatability studies.


RESANOL Reagents

The RESANOL reagents are collector frothing combinations of proven value in the flotation of "oxidic" ores and minerals. Special compounds have been developed for various applications. This range can be supplemented at any time to deal with special problems. Application in a 10 % aqueous emulsion. RESANOL reagents are used in the flotation of magnesite, fluorspar and similar "oxidic" ores and minerals. Laboratory test are required to determine which type is best suited for a particular application and which quantities must be used. Experience indicates that specific consumption lies between 200 and 400 grams per ton of solid material. The RESANOL reagents are characterized by high degree of selectivity at good yield.



Basic combination of fatty acids, thio compounds in various chain lengths, surfactants and aliphatic alcohols


External appearance:

viscous, dark-colored liquid

Density (20°C):

0,9 to 1,0 g/cm3


unlimited shelf life. We recommend storage at temperature not below 10°C and stirring occasionally avoid settling.


Miscible with water (stable emulsion), alcohols, pine oils, glycols, hydrocarbons, phenols and fatty acids.


dissolves waxes, resins, tar-based products; cause swelling in various rubber and plastic compounds; weakly corrosive for metals.


not a hazardous substance as defined in legal regulations. Safety certificates have been issued by the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr Region, in Gelsenkirchen. Skin irritation with extended contact. For fish weakly toxic to poisonous; largely biodegradable when diluted.

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