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Froth Flotation in the Environmental Sector


Besides the classical application of froth flotation in the field of raw materials such as industrial minerals, ores and coals, flotation is increasingly being used in the environmental sector to sort secondary raw materials and waste products.


For numerous waste and residue problems froth flotation can be the first-choice solution.


As an example the froth flotation of contaminated soil, fly ash, FGD gypsum, pyrolysis residue, electronic scrab, roll scale and slag can be given.


Is froth flotation suitable for you?


As a general rule, secondary raw materials are largely separated by means of gravimetric procedures. However, these processes reach their limits when they enter the fine particle range.

For particles in the range of 0 – 500 µm froth flotation is he process of choice as other sorting methods based on inert forces cannot be applied properly any more.

In this particle size range adhesion and interfacial forces predominate.

By selectively modifying these parameters, surface properties can be used for the sorting by froth flotation.

Froth Flotation should also be considered when a waste product is finely fused in micro size range and a suitable sorting process is sought after disintegration.

Do you have a waste product that still contains valuable matter?


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